About Me


For starters, I am only in my twenties. I live with my boyfriend in a small studio apartment with three lovely feline children. 

I work for a loan company full time, and have attended college many of times; but found that it does not suit me.

I am I nerd at heart. I like to play video games such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I do play shooter games like Call of Duty, and Halo. The only computer game I currently play is Guild Wars 2. 
I collect comic books; mainly Batman and Dead Pool. I have a huge assorted of Batman Collectables; as well as Hello Kitty and My Little Pony.

I love Tattoos; and I have seven as of right now. I used to have a lip piercing but most jobs do not allow them on the clock; and I did not enjoy removing and putting my lip ring back in.

I have a passion for cooking, and dream of owning my own bakery one day. I will post recipes that I like or find that should be shared with everyone.

I do craft in my spare time; and make plush animals. Mainly Whales right now. Still getting the hang of things.

I'm inspired by Old Pin up style fashion, and alternative music. I take a lot of Photographs of things I find interesting.

All in all; I am very easy going person and I love to be crafty!   

My lovely girls are as follows; I will post about them frequently.

Smore is a Siamese 
Butter Creme is a Tortie
Puddin is a Tortie

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