Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unforgiving Oven

   There are times where you may have an oven where it gets too hot on the setting that you need; or that the recipe tells you to cook it at.

Today I learned my lesson with my oven. I was making a batch of cupcakes; put them on for 350° F for 18 minutes. It said 18-20, but I never do the maximum.

18 minutes later.. Sadly my oven burnt my lil darlings. So the next batch I was much more careful.
Turned my oven on 325° F and only put them on for 10 minutes. Checked them; and then put them on for another 2. A total of 12 minutes. FIN~! They were beautiful!

       As you can see the ones on the left are much more appealing then the ones on the right.

**Helpful Tips**

If your not sure if your oven will over bake your lil darlings; you can always take one cup cake and put in on a circular pan and set it in the oven at the temp and time your recipe says. Most bakers do watch their goods when cooking. Sometimes some of us forget.

Check on it!  And see if it's too golden or burnt. That way you know not to bake your cupcakes at that temp.  I will be baking my cupcakes at 325° F for 12 minutes from now on.

 Also remember the kind of cupcake pan your using; dark you want lower temperature; where as light metal you want a warmer temperature! (not for all cases).

Now go get baking! :D

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