Monday, November 25, 2013

Oreo Truffles Recipe

These are delightful treats for when ever you want to spoil yourself!


1 Package Oreo Cookies (I prefer Double stuffed Oreos)

1 16oz Package of Cream Cheese Room Temperature

1 Package Almond Bark Candy Coating - Chocolate ( can be found at your local wal-mart)

1 Bender or Food processor 


Take your Cream Cheese and let it come to room temperature, Set aside for now and take the Oreos and break them in half. Your going to put them in the food processor and grind them up until they are graham cracker crumb consistency.

Set aside in a bowl.

Take the Cream Cheese and cut it into 3 sections, put one section in the food processor. Let it run for a minute to make the cheese creamy. Add a little bit of Oreo crumbs, then process. Repeat this until you have mixed all the Oreo and cream cheese together in a chocolatey yummy goo!

Take a wax paper sheet, and a cover a cookie tray,

Your going to roll out 1 inch balls of the mixture and place them on the wax paper. I put butter or spray butter oil on my hands so the mixture doesn't stick to me.Once all the balls have been rolled; set in the fridge to chill. About 1 hour.

Once the Oreo balls are chilled and have hardened, its time to melt the chocolate in a pot, or you can microwave it; Almond Bark Candy Coating is microwave safe. You can melt 3-4 squares; and it will cover most of the Oreo Balls.

Once the chocolate is melted; you want to dip the Oreo Balls and completely cover all sides. Use a tooth pick, or tongs to fish out the Oreo ball. Place on wax paper. The chocolate will cool and harden in a few minutes.

Repeat this until all the Oreo balls have been dipped!

After a few minutes, you will have yummy little Oreo Truffles! Feel free to Chill them!

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